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Balanced Training

At Mischief Managed Canine Training, we are always looking for the newest training methods and strive to offer you and your dog industry standard training procedures! That is why all of our courses from Puppy training to Advanced Behavior training always use a Balanced Training approach.

What is Balanced Training?

When you work with Mischief Managed Canine Training, you can know for certain that we do NOT use only one method! We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all training method. Each dog is unique and will respond to a unique combination of training approaches… and there are millions of different training approaches! We don’t rely on only positive reinforcement, but use all four quadrants of training methodology. Depending on your dogs’ specific needs, we may even reach out to other dog trainers in the area or your dog’s veterinarian to come up with the best training plan for your dog! Rest assured, since we use a unique training approach for every dog, you will always receive a break down of the training approach prior to training and we will always use easy and approachable language and commands to make sure you are comfortable with the training your dog is receiving.

Balanced Training teaches a dog desired behaviors using both reward-based techniques and corrections which the dog will be introduced to once it associates a behavior with a command. We also bring in elements of your dogs’ environment to match your lifestyle!

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques can be very powerful! We use a variety of positive reinforcement in our training – not only treats!


The intent of the correction is always to provide the dog with a chance to realize it needs to change its behavior, never to punish the dog. The corrections are designed to interrupt the dog’s train of thought and bring the focus back to the handler to check for direction on what the dog should be doing. With consistent practice, the dog will then understand that the choices they make reduce the need for corrections.


We use a variety of elements to create your dogs’ specific “live” environment. For example, if your dog has reactivity while on a leash walk, we will set up a controlled environment where the dog has the opportunity to walk past other dogs specifically chosen to be calm and provide your dog with positive training experiences. This live environment gives your dog a chance to test out their new skills outside of a facility environment or without other dogs or stimulation to interfere. This ensures your dogs’ training will follow them into whatever environment they may face in their day to day life!

Special Military Use Cases

We have lots of military families at Mischief Managed Canine Training. We know how hard it can be and the unique challenges faced by military families and their pets. We have seen first hand many unique training cases because of the special circumstances placed on military families. We have taken these years of experience and converted them into great resources for training and assistance for your family and your dogs! We are proud to be able to support other military families to raise great dogs – even with the craziness that military life can bring!

That is why we have developed specific training opportunities for our military families and their dogs. Check out our PCS Prep course or reach out for specific concerns!

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