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Mischief Managed Canine Training Head Trainer

Haruka 'Jenny' Ramdhun

Dog Trainer, Owner

After graduating with a degree in Chemistry and Biology, Haruka worked as a middle and high school science teacher. While teaching, she experienced the power of dog therapy which sparked an interest in the dog training industry. She certified as a personal handler and Therapy Dog Trainer to train her own dogs to become certified therapy dogs. Together, Haruka and her dogs visited schools and workplaces for stress reduction. She found the therapy work changed her dogs’ behaviors for the better and realized there were more benefits to dog training than she expected.

Haruka then made the decision to leave her position as a teacher and attended Playbow Dog Trainer School. Here, she learned Basic Obedience training theories, Clicker training, Positive Reinforcement training, and gained valuable hands-on experience training all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs. She also gained experience teaching group Basic Obedience training sessions.

During this time, Haruka became an active volunteer at Yokosuka’s Animal Rescue center, PAWS. There, she learned positive reinforcement is not the only answer for training. She worked with the other local dog trainers who also volunteered at PAWS and began to understand the benefits of aversion/consequential training methods. This was solidified after researching global training methods through her membership of the IACP, an organization that fosters the exchange of knowledge between dog trainers on a global scale with the goal of improving the dog training industry.

Haruka is always learning and growing in her mission to help dog owners create a lifelong bond with their dogs. She has seen first-hand through her volunteer work with PAWS and military families how behavioral issues and bite cases can tear dogs from their families. This has ignited a passion for Haruka; she truly enjoys the challenge of training through even the most severe behavioral issues. While she enjoys working with all dogs, she finds it most fulfilling to work with dogs with behavioral problems and helping families overcome them together.

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Lauren Bannister

Customer Service, Small Animal Sitter, Boarding Assistant

Lauren is a Navy spouse and proud mom of one human child and four fur babies.

Lauren’s four pets include two tuxedo cats and two large breed senior dogs. She grew up with a home always full of pets and feels comfortable around a variety of animals, especially cats and small mammals. She is a prior board member of PAWS Animal Shelter and finds the most joy in being with animals. In her free time, she loves to fill her schedule with exercise, cooking and baking, and spending quality time with her family.

Lauren has worked for Mischief Managed Canine Training since 2020 and handles much of the customer service and scheduling, as well as some seasonal help with dog boarding and home visits for cats and small animals.

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Lydia Bunten

Social Media Manager

Lydia is a Navy spouse and mother of 1 who loves Disney, animals, cooking and photography more than most anything else.

Lydia has grown up with cats, dogs, birds and rabbits and loves animals more than most humans. Her favorite cat ever was a tuxedo named Sprinkles who she got when she was two years old and she found her true love in a German Shepherd when she was in her twenties. She dreams of having a home filled with German Shepherds one day!

Lydia focuses on social media managements and scheduling for Mischief Managed Canine Training and loves to help create content for clients to use alongside our training.

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